Monday, May 21, 2012


Yet again, Dubai is the subject of my blog this time around too. But I swear, its not like the older 'boring-philosophy-stuff-to-go-with-a-bunch-of-photos-I-took-during-my-vacation' kind of.

Christmas vacation this time was so awesome I just can't find words to describe it. Probably cuz going to Dubai again in 6 months since last time was totally unexpected or maybe cuz its been 5 months since then that I'm writing about it that I can't actually remember what all we did there...NOT! It was actually awesome!

No matter how 'you-can't-explain-how-good-your-vacation-was-to-someone-y' it is, there are a few memories that stand out.

Road trip to Fujairah, one of the most beautiful places to visit in UAE. It was a good trip. And I remember my dad and brother fighting about how you had the choice to swim to Pakistan or Iran?! XD

Then there's a whole lot of Dubai-sh memories and then there's New Year's eve. To be honest, I've never actually seen a firework show. Or now when I think about it, a 'proper' and 'safe' firework show. Well, that's a little inside joke for my friends(Sreyas, Nihal, Jishaan, Mappu, Nithul :D) and I. And to see it from Burj Khalifa was simply awesome. Countdown to 12 with a huge crowd, and watching the firework work its magic like it's not gonna end, through the viewfinder, of course. I refused my brother's advice to stop with the photos and enjoy the show which I regret now, looking at the photos that came out.

BBQ at a park. Sounds plain. BBQ in the evening in Dubai. Okay. BBQ in the daytime in Dubai. Now, that's priceless :D This being my first visit to Dubai during the winter. Aweome place. Awesome time. Awesome people. Awesome food. Awesome :D (Awesome count this post : 8 :P) Oh, and mind you, flying a kite is not easy as it sounds. We gave the rest of the crowd at the park a great time looking like retards, though :P

And that's how my awesome vacation ended..

BAZINGA! Haha, actually, now this is where it gets so awesome I feel like Barney Stinson, "What up!"
On the 2nd of January, and the last day of my vacation. I was quite literally on cloud 9. I got to see footballing legends Nesta, Inzaghi, Gattuso, Seedorf, Ambrosini, Ibrahimovic, Pato, Robinho right in front of my eyes and get their autographs! I couldn't ask for anything more. 

AC Milan, fortunately for me, had a friendly with Dubai's local club Al-Ahli. I was gonna miss that but I could squeeze in to one of their practice sessions as it was open to public for free. When you see them walk up to you to sign your book(for once, I'm grateful to Engineering Graphics cuz the only book I had in my backpack was the drawing book :D), you go speechless. As in, you feel like telling something but you go numb head to toe. Especially when Aquilani came up, I wanted to say "Stay at Liverpool, Aqua!" But all I did was stand like a frozen rock. 

When it was Ibra's turn, its a totally different feeling though. He is scary, standing 18 feet tall with a "terminator" look on his face. Plus the fact that he's a taekwondo black belt. When Seedorf or Pato shoots the ball, it rips the net off. Ibra played defense during the practice session and he shoots the ball from 20 yards out, the crossbar vibates so hard, it reminds you of Physics lab in 12th grade :P

The reasons to why I was so fascinated about seeing AC Milan's first team for real are
1. They're one of the oldest football clubs in the world
2. We(Liverpool FC0 beat them in Istanbul in 2005 which is the best game of football I've ever watched.
3. David Beckham, my idol played for the club on loan twice, last year
4. Aquilani who's loaned out from Liverpool is currenly playing for them.
5. Ibrahimovic! :D

P.S : More photos on the facebook page.