Monday, July 4, 2011

The beach

When I was in primary school, going to the beach 2 and a half kilometers away used to be a luxury. Even if the grown ups take us there, there's always the "dont-go-near-the-water" rule. We would be taken to a cliff nearby and show us the beach. It was almost like watching a video from a distance and that too annoying cuz we could see other kids playing in the water. I mean, whats the fun in going to the beach and not getting drenched in the water or making sandcastles or playing football or taking a walk in the hot sand, barefoot, licking an ice cream cone? Yep, it was that terrible. This summer vacation, I fell in love with the beach all over again. There's no other place in my town where I actually enjoy which maybe the reason, but that's not my point.

I literally spent a huge chunk of my time at the beach either playing football, swimming or just taking a walk watching other people. From homeless people to fishermen(yes, they do fishing at the beach :D) to amateur teams playing beach football to couples to people playing fetch with their dogs to people like me. It's teh place to relax. Especially for me, to cool down from the entrance exams that just finished, to stop worrying about other things. The hot sun and the cold water, equally soothing. 'Going to the beach' clichéd among my friends. As in, whenever we hung out, (not the Google plus hangout, the real ones ;) ) wherever we go, whatever we do, we finally end up there. Like there's a gravitational pull. And then we sit on the sand just watching the waves and controlling the temptation of going into the water. But, eventually we all go back home drenched. And, some of them had to travel a long distance by bus. It was terrible, but it was fun at the same time.