Friday, March 26, 2010

Drizzle in the summertime

Its tremendously hot in my place since three weeks! There were many reports of people hospitalized due to sunburns. It is quite frequent in the north, but for kerala, it was strange.Everyone was advised not to go out in the sun. To add to the agony, there was shortage of water everywhere. It was total chaos, then. Everyone were desperate for some rain. And it did, it rained cats and dogs, one night. I was asleep and totally unaware of it. But when I woke up in the morning, I could smell something strange. When I went outside, everything looked new and beautiful and there were puddles of water here and there. It rained! God heard out prayers! When I looked out of my window, I could see raindrops on the papaya tree leaves and it looked beautiful. It reminded me of the 'Windows Vista' wallpapers in my desktop. I took my cam, rushed outside and took some random shots. These are 3 of the best ones! It rained alright, but within hours, mercury rose again and its hotter than ever since then!